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The link below leads to a facebook page that lists CI events (jams, courses, workshops, meetings, etc.) taking place in Alacant, València, Castelló & Múrcia mainly. You can request to join the fbook group in order to follow its activity or contribute with any CI event in this area.

Contemporáneo Contact Levante (CoCoLe)

CASTELLÓ PROVINCIA ________________________________________________

No regular classes or jams taking place yet

ALACANT PROVINCIA _________________________________________________

Contact Impro Alicante y provincia


Regular classes

Social Networks Groups & Pages

Contact Impro alicante y provincia
Contact Dance Alcoi
Elche Contact Lab
Contemporáneo Contact Levante (CoCoLe)

VALÈNCIA PROVINCIA ________________________________________________

Jams and workshops

Nearly every sunday a workshop + jam takes in Valencia or Alboraia:

All events are announced in a Telegram Channel:

Regular classes

No regular classes yet.

Festivals & Meetings

Social Networks Groups & Pages

Lab-Jam Contact
(Specific information about the weekly Contact-Impro Jams in Valencia city)
Jams Contact impro Valencia, (Specific information about Jams, courses and regular classes in Valencia city)
Contact Improvisación Valencia,
(Various contact & contemporary dance infos in València and other regions or countries)
Contemporáneo Contact Levante (CoCoLe)
(Various contact & contemporary dance infos from Valencia, Castelló, Alacant & Múrcia)

Más información y correcciones a:   contact () manuparedes () com